The duo Circooltura (Emanuele Occhipinti and Eva Cermak) plays it's shows  on festivals and  on the streets in different parts of the world. They work with Cyr wheel, slack rope, equilibristic chairs, balance on bottles and handstands. In the last years, they have travelled with their shows through Europe, Mexico, Southamerica and Australia. The experience gained in this way characterises the company's creations. Wherever they are, they train in circus spaces and work on their creations with different directors.

Eva Cermak







In 2008 and 2009 Eva Cermak realizes her first fire show with the duo "Ususi Kay Pacha" in Switzerland. After finishing her studies as a social worker in 2010 she travels to Uruguay where she starts working professionally as an artist. An important pillar in this process is the company "Ta que Arde", with which Eva Cermak presents fire shows in Uruguay and Brasil. She also trains aerial acrobatics and gives lessons in this discipline. 2011 she falls in love with the slack rope, which is her main discipline today.

Since 2014 she plays her shows between Europe and Latinamerica, alone and together with  the company "Circooltura". 

Emanuele Occhipinti

In 2005, Emanuele Occhipinti starts in the Circus school "Los Athenas" (Barcelona) with aerial acrobatics, handstand and acrobatics.  In 2009, Emanuele Occhipinti, with three other artists, founds the company "Circ Hop", which works in Catalonia. In 2013 he begins to travel with the Cyr - wheel and plays his performance on streets and at festivals. A year later he begins an investigation for the "circus actor" with different workshops. His first longer solo show with the Cyr wheel is growing out of this process.

2014 he establishes together with Eva Cermak the company Circooltura.