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                              Señora Gomez

Where she sets up, the street transforms. Initially, Señora Gomez’s proposal is to build up a slackrope structure for the artist who is arriving. Obviously this does not happen without unforeseen events. The lady is easily distracted by her surroundings. With enthusiasm and affection she invites the passersby to stay. She convinces even the most doubtful to find a place among the spectators. The audience is unified, the stage ready to start the show. The only one missing is the beautiful acrobat who's going to walk over the slack rope... In “Signora Gomez” humour and the art of equilibrism find the balance on the same rope.


Duration: 30 minutes

Audience: For all who want to enjoy street art.

Playing area: 8x5 meters

Technical requirements: 2 anchor points with a minimum distance of 9 metres.

Resistance per anchor point: 600 kg

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