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Nacht der Straßenkünstler_Nixdorf_231006 (134).jpeg
Surf Away

Cyr-Wheel-Show, Emanuele Occhipinti

Every morning Rodolfo goes to his office, sits at the desk and starts the day in front of his computer. But this day something creeps into his mind, a haunting thought, a dream that keeps him from concentrating. He becomes clumsy, his whole body begins to perceive a new scent. A feeling of freedom overcomes him, he imagines the sea and waves that sweep over him. This day something in Rodolfo's life changes.

“Surf Away” is a poetic-funny and at the same time artistic show.

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Nacht der Straßenkünstler_Nixdorf_231006 (135).jpeg


Emanuele Occhipinti

Tel: +39 338 25 29 733

- Duration: 25 minutes

- Public: All kinds of public

- Playground: 7x7 meters
-Technical requirements: Floor without gravel or grass.

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