Living in a cage or flying?

Through round glasses and a look  extravagant our cheerful and curious Mo accompanies us
in a metaphorical journey on a very daily: “the comfort zone. ” Mo invites us to reflect
on our ability to open that cage and fly away or on how sometimes our little bird
Inside is afraid to fly. A clownesque and poetic propósta suitable for every kind of
public thanks to its authenticity and acrobatic spectacularity with the cyr wheel.

What about you? Are you ready to fly?

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Mo is a show that was created for street festivals or Salt. It combines the art of the circus, humor, theatre and a pinch of nonsense. The artist turns the scene into a game and thus creates surprises for the public. The decoration initial is a structure that supports the wheel Cyr, which depicts a cage. During the show, the character
experience emotional changes and Physical. Mo at the beginning you
presents cheerful, funny and even sensitive, always goes with
Kimbo, a bird that brings in a nice cage. These are:
a show full of assent amazing in which the artist
works with the discipline of circus, the wheel Cyr. I
show is intended for everyone types of audience without limits age.

- Duration: 25 minutes

- Public: All kinds of public

- Playground: 7x7 meters -Technical requirements:     Floor, even floor without gravel or grass.


Emanuele Occhipinti

Tel: 0034-644 017 694

Mail:company@circooltura. com



Metaphorically speaking, living in a cage like birds doesn’t allow us to have a broader view than we might feel. There are people who are content with what they have, who feel safe, and who do not allow themselves to explore other areas or make new experiences. It would not be so bad if it was only about that bird and if it was a deliberate choice: the problem arises when the bird born in a cage thinks that it is the others who make the mistake, when it is told that it wants to fly.

A bird is a creature born to be free, but if it sees the world only from the bars of a cage, its essence will be reduced to a small part. It’s as if they cut off his wings and, with them, one of his main characteristics: the ability to fly.