Eva Cermak

During her studies of social work (2008 - 2010) Eva Cermak invests more and more time in the training
of aerial acrobatics, slck rope and fire juggling. She performs in several productions of the company
Troupe Obini (CH) and performs her first fire show with the duo "Ususi Kay Pacha". After finishing her
studies in 2010, she travels to Uruguay, where she lives for four years and begins working professionally
as an artist. The company "Ta que arde", with which Eva presents fire shows in Uruguay and Brazil, is an
important part in this process. In addition, it grants, among other things, lessons of aerial acrobatics and
contributes to the development of the "Recycled Circus", a project that includes circus workshops of a
social and ecological nature. During that time, she prepares her first solo slack rope street show.
2012 she stays for several month at the Circo do Capao ,Brazil, where she attends intensive slack rope
classes. This is the time when she increasingly specializes in this technique. She travels through Latin
America and Europe with her slack rope structure, acts alone and with the company "Circooltura" in
streets and festivals. Actually, she has been training and creating in winter at the Espai de Circ Cronopis,
in Mataró, Spain, or in Uruguay. To broaden her artistic spectrum, she begins 2018 the professional
formation of clowns.


Emanuele Occhipinti

In 2005, Emanuele Occhipinti starts at the circus school "Las Athenas", Barcelona, to take classes in
verticals, aerial acrobatics and floor acrobatics. At the same time, he is the co-initiator of the project "La
nave Espacial", an independent artistic project with circus and dance training rooms. There he begins
training the Cyr wheel. In 2009, with two other artists, he founds the company Circ-Hop, which acts
mainly in Catalonia. In 2013, Emanuele creates his first solo show with the Cyr wheel. He travels around
France doing street shows and performs in small festivals. In 2015, he participates in the organization of
the first African Circus Festival in Ethiopia A year later, he travels to Australia where he performs with
his show during the summer season. In 2018 he begins the professional formation of clown. Since some
years he passes the winter time training and creating in Catalonia.

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