Technical needs for the Show

Size of the scene: Min. 7x7 Meters

We need 2 anchor points for the slack-rope in a minimal distance of 10 meters. Anchor points can be benches, columns water tanks etc.

Resistance min. 500 kg.

Ground quality for the Cyr-Wheel:

Smooth, flat bottom without gravel, grass or unevenness. Cobblestones are possible if not too uneven. 

Preparation time:

The fist preparation lasts ca. 30 min. , all the following set ups 15 min.

Putting down: 10 min.

For Street-Festivals:
A fix place to play is ideal for our show. On this place we can put up and down our structure, so that other companies can play on the same place. 
In worse case we can change places 
For more details contact us