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Cabaret or Privat Parties

Circooltura is happy to offer you numbers for Cabaret or private parties, with a maximum duration of 7 Minutes

A Cuerda

A Cuerda is the result of the fusion of my investigation with movement and the technique on the slack rope.

A Cuerda may be poetic, amusing and surprising.. But most of all it's one of my heart-creations.

With it's duration of 7 minutes this slack rope number is ideal for cabarets and varietées.

Technical needs: 2 anchor point with a resistance of min. 500kg/each. The minimal distance between anchor points has to be 9 meters.

Rodolfo Rock.jpg


Rodolfo is the perfect Italian stereotype.

A latin lover who tries to seduce people with his physical mastery, but in the end, all he does is a disaster . . .

Duration number 7 minutes, great for cabaret or private parties

Ground quality for the Cyr-Wheel:

Smooth, flat bottom without gravel, grass or unevenness. Cobblestones are possible if not too uneven. 

Rodolfo Rock.jpg
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